Monday, March 17, 2014

Fighting Fire on the Streets of Malate Manila

This day of night and arrogant orange skies, possessed the amalgamation of human emotions.  In Malate, Manila, Philippines March 16, 2014 a narrow alleyway with houses one upon another - so many memories - my barkada - my best friends family and his eight children held Sunday mass in form - as the communion of so many fought the barangay fire.

Hands held high - praying in tongues - standing in 3 inches of water and weeping a woman stood surrounded by the chaos of flashing lights, smoke, debris.  Her voice was in tempo and time the beat provided by the crowd as they prayed the rosary.  Firetrucks flashed lights, everything smelled acrid, I could barely speak through my burned throat, as my tongue swelling swallowing sweetness in gulps from the haze of smoke and human tragedy. 

I kept pulling on the freshest arterial addition firehose.  We had to get each firehose as far down as we could - to get past the other firehoses - that lay down - already on the line before - the water pressure came and whipped them into alien like snakes jumping in the air wounding the unaware.  

Each second hung in the air, as I was there, before, during and after the pressure took that made each impotent cloth a living being and metal way.

This memory stands in time is all time, I remember it as being here-today and present.   I really mean this moment and somehow ready and alive.  

Sunday hot afternoon turned into a very dark night, I awoke from my nap with silence and screams Quirino Street was empty of cars in its place - a mass of people - running everywhere - across the street they kept pointing at me - me - they kept pointing at me.  This night became the darkest of any of them weirdly and brightly lit by Fire.
I was covered in sweat, present, aware and every fiber in me calm and ready.  I stood shoulder to shoulder pantay pantay lahat - my barkada was the voices and determination to fight for each other and their families this narrow alley way was for a moment sacred.  When the Firetrucks finally came - we grabbed the limp heavy fire hoses and ran towards the heat.  I wish I could have fought the pain, loss and destruction like any street fight in my past that I won despite the injury, bruises and broken bones.  I did not - not this time.  Mostly I stood helplessly - watched and at times I pulled and held the firehoses.  

The Barangay Captain - a Woman stood shouting orders - others helped grabbed children raced them across Quirino street who stood in the shadows as the others who with the flow of human ants  Women sobbing others the pentecostal type with hands outstretched to the orange night sky praying in tongues. All I can remember - its like I was asleep and yet awake,
On the streets of Manila, I can add fighting a fire that destroyed the homes of ten people- my friend and his eight children and others lost everything.  Barefoot He stood there- barechested and wearing only board shorts - with a 3000 meter war veteran battlescarred stare - he looked at me - looking through me:

‘Kevin I lost everything, I have nothing left, just this (pointing to his shorts) - I have nothing- gone - lahat- its all gone- I am 38 - with my kids what am I going to do- my house Kevin- How they going to eat or sleepthree stories - its all gone- all I have is these shorts …
-this is all he said.

'I am here man, I don’t know what to do- but I am here ok.  I am here.' I replied

Sunday, February 09, 2014

self actualization had me again alive living remember?

Left Triangle Guard Hip Flipped Ripped Nose Nightmare

                     Self actualization had me again
                                          cut with no rhyme or reason a deer in headlights.
                       You don't remember that do you?

The void.
Darkness and
The Spirit of God Moved over the face of the water.

Let there be light,
and there was light, something, more than, the absolute
Sheol Hades broken glass, teeth, swollen parts to vapid to see the reflection of utter
rotting vegetable matter
                                          and left over remnants of a love long gone.

Absolute clarity in moments of madness
sugar high alcohol blood induced nightmares
the sweats came again
Indonesian noodle chilli nightmare

the void, the darkness the broken mirror in which you do not see me

see the other
the creature
the mad apocalyptic sad vision
barbie dolls with no heads
Male Dolls with no genitalia
planets of people separated by nation culture language hatred an greed
plastic people inflatable places
currency and reality devoid of any reason
violence and porn
animal sacrifice
stupid goth music mtv monsters with too many tatoos
to remind you
Lies Damned Dawn Day limp man angry man young man lost to the other talking one bent forward on laptop distractions and her in our warm bed

Hungry again, feeding them her the other, the others precious mother, cargo in hand tasked with something greater than self

Selfishness begets every man when he opts for the door.

the spirit of Jezebel is to stop man from his purpose.
yet the most depraved man is a man without purpose
sustenance of being
asking again,
through all of this, that I am still not standing.
crumpled paper tossed away
dust dirt gatherings

Self actualization damn you Maslow
all are human.
the reality of it all.
responsibility of life, of death, of the will to break the bones and flesh
blood soaked celebrations
HEMINGWAY ran away from....

big ideas, lacking the common
too complex for understanding
its simple stupid
that people do for their own reasons
                                            if a woman wants to be with you
she will be.

Fight or no fight, dawn day dirty stench of forgotten glory
being all that they ever really wanted
was to be alive

Passion lights the fires that burn our bridges, set our defense and crush our foes.
Love gives us the guts to fight

win loose or draw
and today
was that day
New Years Day Where-she held my stitches,
kissed my face-
wiped the medicine -

'oh kevin you stupid boy.'


Saturday, January 18, 2014

StartupDragons DIT Manila office

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Love is Evil

Love is Evil.

I can not tell you how excited I am.

I have seen the absolute greatest Evil in the Universe. 

This clarity and beauty in its ugliness is the wisdom and 

understanding that has opened up for me.
I am talking about Love, not Love, but the deception and lie that we accept as love.

Love...I have begun to recognize this disease, and how like a cancer it devours everything in glimmering self justification and ... you hear it as emotion gone amok...fed by popular culture, television soap dramas, codependency and song.

Think about this... Titanic the worlds most popular movie is really a sick film of poverty worship and codependency thinly juxtaposed love to stop you from the truth.

Running amok means to be moved by such emotion you just go nuts, hurting and injuring yourself others, and of course killing etc.

Amok is actually a Malay / Filipino origin.

Beaten, bitten so badly your bleeding, hair and nail scratching, broken things and more some woman screaming. An exorcism gone awry or the mass produced result of our own ambivalence?

I walk dumbstruck PSD really, the words from the female Filipino authority figures...

'She loves you so much...'
'You make her this way...'
'When a woman loves, She really Jealous' 'Jealous of what? Work? The girl behind the counter at Jollibee who smiled? The Tita (aunt) who hugged you exactly 0.03 seconds longer that some imaginary figure? 

You can not find words for this force of false and childish emotion...Love Amok style, a weapon of mass destruction, so powerful, you can not help but see its a zero sum game.

False emotion from unfed inner children that can not behave ... 

the id, 
super ego, 
a maelstrom of bullshit.
Sadly it all reminds me of my mother and childhood.

Jealousy is weakness, its a small person who has not seen who they really are.

Self observation and cognitive dissonance (the ability to hold two conflicting ideas at once) gives insight. 

Reminds me of Frank Herberts Dune... the Bene Gesseret could not look into herself
When a Truthsayer's gifted, she can look many places in her memory — in her body's memory. We look down so many avenues of the past . . . but only feminine avenues." Her voice took on a note of sadness. "Yet, there's a place where no Truthsayer can see. We are repelled by it, terrorized. It is said a man will come one day and find in the gift his inward eye. He will look where we cannot — into both feminine and masculine pasts.""Your Kwisatz Haderach?""Yes, the one who can be many places at once: the Kwisatz Haderach. Many men have tried . . . so many, but none has succeeded.""They tried and failed, all of them?""Oh, no." She shook her head. "They tried and died."  - DUNE

Love is not about possession, 

love is about appreciation. 


Honor of self 

                 by honoring others.
How we treat our love... is how we treat ourselves... imagine then the pain and self agony a person must suffer at their own hands, to unleash that pain and torment on others.

Love and relationships are not about the other person...

it is ABOUT something greater, 

it is about infinite, all encompassing, 

the fifth element that we can not fully grasp.
Love is the hope that Pandora left in the Box.

When I love, I am Honoring myself - who I am - with someone that compliments me.

In the old Testament the story in Genesis 

Eve was taken from the side of Adam, not to be beneath him but equal and a 'help mate' we are to help each other, build each other, celebrate the fireworks of our spirit and life.


I am a man. 

One who is not afraid of himself, of this life of what I want for it. 

It is amazing how I see Women will act all butthurt 

and jealous - - I own my own business, and work late - sometimes all night if I have too. It is odd, because - I never gave permission for ANYONE to question me- my resolve to go through my phone, calender to know by business contacts, and with whom I am speaking/ meeting. I allow no one- to get involved to even act or give that jealousy stupid energy. I hate jealousy and possessiveness. 

Lets call it what it is, 

This kind of jealousy sickness love is really Autism, a whining

 child with a full diaper crying because they do not get what 

they want, when they want it and how.
Shame on us all.

I show my love- by being the BEST ME I can be... if someone doesn't like it or chooses another- that is there loss not mine.


Monday, December 02, 2013

Paul Walker I would rather be ashes than dust

RIP Paul Walker

“I would rather be ashes than dust!
I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot.
I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.
The function of man is to live, not to exist.
I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them.
I shall use my time.”- Jack London

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Popcorn at the Manila Zoo

Refuting peace lost affirmation 
love lost wont kill you
disguised remorse forgotten memory
idle hands broken dvd 
stuck or repeat ignoring
past present future tense
now- unable
sequencing of events
segmentation of organisation
time has no meaning

Angry at money you
lost tithing now lamenting
excuses bruised blue hinged upon hopes
Saturday Cartoons and dashed egos and wings.
cut that silver cord-
to the warm universe that simply loves
rust Holes wine to lost ill gotten memory
no paycheck me and you
all around
you are so far away lost in mental wilderness
screaming eyeshot moment
dyslexic specializes - the television hostess
advertising chaos storm fury

like a lost kitten mewing in ferocious littleness
the meter and rhyme
of absolutely nothing

-Kevin Leversee

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Seduction and Lie of the 4 hour Work Week

The Seduction and Lie of the 4 hour work week, outsourcing, and why human desire is always the foundation of business.

People are not cogs in a machine, they live eat breath and dream.

Tim Ferris author of the Four Hour Work Week actually works closer to 60+ hours a week. He was going to name it ‘ Dealing Drugs for Fun and Profit’ or similar. The title isn’t the Book/

The four hour work week written by Tim Ferris teaches and instructs that you can do what you love and live well. He does so by doing the work he loves and thus lives anywhere in the world. The dark side is that internet marketers use this myth incorrectly to sell and make millions in America, UK and Australia (my own market experience and have many URLS to show). Many who I label as the enemy actually sell training on how to outsource your life to Filipinos. I was asked again -as I write this- to help another brand very similar with my Filipino Outsourcing experience.

I will state I find this appalling and ludicrous. These experts do not live here, deal with floods, jeepneys, overcrowding and the state of the Filipino Broadband dystopia. They are the enemy of everything I believe in.

I do not promote to Americans, Brits or Australians that success and prosperity is found by outsourcing your work and life to low cost crowdsourced (usually Filipino) workers.

ODesk claims over 500,000 Filipinos have established themselves as Freelancers. Quick searches into the talent pool you will see many of these work already for large multinational BPO companies. I know many and have very close friends that after years of the BPO industry prefer to ‘Outsource Themselves Directly’

Now there is a place and a valid business proposition for Freelancing, and working from home. But for ongoing business I honestly believe you can not build culture and repeatable process outsourcing to a cloud of strangers.

Overseas call centers and online chat handled by untrained workers with no incentives seem like clever ways to cut costs during stressful times. What they actually are is scalable engines of annoyance, time-sucking process es that raise expectations and then totally dash them. Better to not even have a phone number. (You can’t call Google but you don’t want to call Adobe–which one generates more animus–the inability to call, or the promise, unfilled, of respect and thoughtful help?) -Seth Godin

Of business that fail, 90% fail due to the lack of SKILLS and Knowledge of the business owner. - Dun and Bradstreet

Internet Marketers that promote Crowdsourced people as pieces in a machine will eventually fail. BPO that continues to do so will also and here is why.

I see it the moment I step outside my door. Apathy and the unending quest for the day to end by poor miserable souls that have stopped dreaming and having hope. This fear of living versus joy, passion and sense of purpose are so at opposite ends of the spectrum it is hard to see that it is really easy to fix. The food house across my street is full of life vigor it can be 5am and they are full of workers going to work having their morning coffee. I will come home from work at 10pm and they are full of BBQ patrons and college kids barkada.

The food house a few steps away has an angry woman, complaining every day how life is hard, and money is so hard to come by. I never see anyone really eating there.

Business large small or big multinational BPO are run by people. Success is found by forming healthy relationships built on the exchange of value. People, fail not for a lack of tactics, they fail for the wrong strategy, Strategy is built by answering questions but they fail for asking the wrong questions.

I find and after 20 yrs experience and 12 of working as my own boss and consulting globally with many companies and people all this is usually caused by ignoring the deep stuff that floats around in our hearts.

I like doing big stuff...if not big, something that matters and changes things. Disruptive Innovation for example my company built the first blog for News Ltd. Globally.

Talk about a hard sell. This only happened after a year of me pretty much stalking the head of strategy in Sydney. Every event I would ask him or his guests ‘What is your companies Social Policy both internally and Market Facing’

After months of empty stares, I had a coffee and explained how Social Business was going to change the world. It was 2004, the big shift had not yet started but you could see the Evil Command and Control top down business process empire crumbling.

If you have ever watched an epic movie where it emotionally moved you insomuch that you really FELT the pain, joy and reality of human experience?

If you are not feeling this every morning you get up to go to your to work you are not even coming close to your own true possibilities.

BPO workers suffer a large array of social and psychological problems.
The nature of the work, the stress, the hours are not easy things to get acclimated too.

One ethical issue that BPO firms need to contend with involves ensuring employee safety, health and welfare. The irregular working hours of BPO employees, specifically call-center agents, is taking a huge toll on their health, resulting in a condition known as shift-work-sleep disorder. This occurs when an employee’s work schedule requires him or her to work when the body wants to sleep, and then try to sleep when the body expects to be awake. The symptoms of this disorder are tiredness, difficulty in sleeping, and reduced level of alertness =

For their part many BPO players do focus on the human factor, but as I see it those that fail, are failing for the same reason that one Food House is successful, happy and prosperous while the other with equally good quality of food fails. They are ignoring the deeper things that float in our hearts, ask the wrong questions and indeed get the wrong answers. You can not ignore these things, soon the conversation in the local talent market sours.

Business is run by people. People do business with people, we do not do business and work for SOP, Edicts, and HR Red Tape. Commerce operates under the guise that value is exchanged and those that SULIT provide the best value will do better.

If BPO is getting it right then synergies exist:
with the culture of their clients,
the right DNA of staff that is on the teams that service the clients
The HR and Employee culture

Last year Sutherland Clark failed to pay their entire new team for going on seven weeks. None of them have been paid in SEVEN WEEKS, and those that have complained where in fear of losing their position. A position they are not getting paid for.

As if life isn’t hard enough, as if making the cut in University, the hours slaved by families to ensure their child gets a good education to have good jobs.

We are sending the best and brightest to work for large Multinational BPO’s ...that at the end of the day... don’t care.

Actions like Sutherland Clark not paying their staff for almost weeks resonate loud and clear to me. They are in effect saying:

The talent pool here is Wide and Deep- we don’t have to behave to the same employment standards in our own countries.

After complaining about NOT GETTING PAID repeatedly one vocal Sutherland Clark employee has been reprimanded for obtuse things like wearing a skirt 2 inches above the knee. I saw her after wearing the skirt it was definitely knee length if not lower. Targeting women who complain on inappropriate or sexual attire when they are wearing quite conservative clothing…Singles out those who speak and attempts to shame them.

BPO actions like Sutherland are really missing the Ecosystem problem here.

If business is really people and doing business with people and we are the clients of these large multinationals, the customers of their clients ctics, a majority of entrepreneurs get the exact opposite of what they were hoping for?

It is not that we didn’t seek out the proper training.

Healthy BPO looks at this process, about their business,like a doctor that cares and heals.

If you are not interested in people or the long term ecosystem BPO Managers think like a lawyer that looks backward at laws to find out how to protect the actions with red tape.

Stories like Sutherland is not uncommon.

If you where to stop working their is no more money coming in,...

Most employees, graduates and people follow ‘sameness’ I will do what this guy does I will just work harder and faster. - that is insanity.

We have to teach that you have to do what you love to do. What you are good at.

Say someone has a hobby like making furniture he is good at it, and he gets asked and paid money for his work.

Say this person has a friend that is a really great Web Designer, who is good and makes money.

Why would the Web Designer build furniture, and why would the furniture maker do try to do Web Development?

Business is the most important thing we will do for money in our entire life. Are we teaching employees and students to do what they are good at doing and love, or are we teaching them to ignore that and try working a job someone else is really good at doing?

We are asking the wrong questions and thus we get the wrong answers. Bad BPO management lose sight of the deeper heart things that happen when what we do so naturally and easily and assume that others can do it too.

We also discount how we feel because it is somewhat enjoyable to us.

So the good Food House is doing obviously what they Love. It is enjoyable to all that work there.

The bad Food house is obviously not doing what they love.

It is actually very rare to identify strengths - its much easier to find weakness and complain about it. Its much easier to treat employees like cogs in a machine and govern them by SOP, process and red tape. It is very rare to focus on people, culture and pay attention to the deeper heart things, but those who do...